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Aerodynamic design with low air resistance and high tensile strength. In the film frame position of the five points and seven pre-aside guide duct so the air can be passed from between the film frame. To reduce drag, increase swing speed.

"M"PCF(Multi-Layered Polymer Carbon Fibers): Reinforcing Technology
Handcrafted multi-layered carbon producing multi-directional strength. 
Provides strength & durability at key stress points.

"H"DF (High Density Foam): Shock Absorption
High tech and light weight shock absorption materials fill racket head cavities Lightweight, high-tech shock absorption materials within racquet frames that minimizes arm strain at impact.

"U"HB (Ultrafine High Tensile Biometric): High Flex Point 
Racket shaft flexes closer to the racket head to produce improved smash and drop shot performance.
With an optimized shaft performance, this technology provides low wind resistance with high-flexibility & strength for superior smashing!

TB.NANO (TB Nano Powertec) : Nanometer Technology 
Enhanced nano technology bonds carbon fibres to resin to increase the raw material strength by 20%
Original Li-Ning TB Nano Material Science and Technology creates a more stable and finer racket. More Powerful "sweet spot".

Weight : 85-89g 
Flex : Soft
Balance : 290mm
Grip Size: 3 1/4in (AYPE020-1) or 3 3/8in (AYPE020-2) 
Flex : Stiff
Recommended Tension: main 22-26lb cross 24-28lb