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It takes all of us to build a sense of hope and belonging, and we invite you to be a part of it today. The meals are freshly prepared by autistic youths. In hope to provide opportunity for them to lead a regular life filled with social interaction and having a work life.

Please do allow 1-2 days in advance notice for your order for us to make the necessary arrangements. 

Min Total Order : 50 packs
Mix & Match : min. 10 set each
all refreshment will include Coconut Jelly + Coffee/Tea
Menu 1
Curry Puff
Kuih Ulat Bulu
Kuih Nyonya
Menu 2
Mini Sandwiches
Cup Cakes
German Cookies

VALUE (Select any 3 Items - Menu 1)
STANDARD (Select any 2 Items - Menu 1 + Select any 2 Items - Menu 2)