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A tournament can be the highlight of a season. There are many offered throughout for players of all ages and skill levels. It’s a weekend that is circled on the calendar – it often means hitting the road to play against other players that you wouldn’t otherwise face off against. Going into a tournament, the goal is obviously to perform the best that you can.

Coach’s role in competition

The role of the coach in fencing competition is incredibly important and there are many reasons why students need a coach.

The coach analyzes the situation, concludes, explains and continues to teach the student how to behave in the competition. They work with players on how to eat properly at a competition, teach them how to distribute their stamina throughout the tournament, and they pay attention to technical and tactical mistakes.

Here are the main factors:

  • Psychological support

  • Tactical assistance

  • Technical tips

Competition is a training process

Another important aspect of coaching at competition is a player’s acquisition of the indispensable knowledge and experience from the coach during competition.

The competition should be regarded as a continuation of the training process and not as an important and a final test where coach’s help does not play much importance, or will not be effective in any way.

During the competition, every coach really wants his/her students do as well as possible, and help them to do so. At the same time, the coach observes the student and makes conclusions for themselves. They make notes on how to improve or change the training process, what skills and qualities will be necessary to improve or develop in order to improve his/her student’s skills. Coaches are always talking with their players prior to and after the event, as well as before and after.

In other words, the coach helps the student to acquire the indispensable experience and confidence that will certainly have a positive impact on student performance in future competitions.


Per Person Per Day


  • Coach / Guide with Basic First Aid Kit
  • Return Transfer (MBA - Tournament Venue)*
  • 1 x Meal
  • 2 btls x Drinking Water (1.5ML)


  • Personal Expense
  • Entry Fees

*within Klang Valley

Centralized Training

Intensive Private Group Training for participants only (a week prior to Tournament)



As an encouragement to our players, an e-Gift will be awarded to the Winners as per the following.

Champion : Value RM500
Runner Up : Value RM200
Semi Finalist : Value RM100
Consolation : Value RM20 **


Terms & Condition
* applicable only to members under our tournament package
* all standard terms & condition apply.
** Not applicable for Bye/WalkOver during preliminary rounds