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PU Grip

PU grips offer comfort and act as a cushion between your fingers and the racket handle. They excel at absorbing sweat and shock, providing a secure and comfortable grip during intense play. PU grips are particularly beneficial for players seeking both comfort and control.


An overgrip is designed to be wrapped over a replacement grip or the original grip of the racket. Its primary purpose is to increase the grip thickness, making it more suitable for power play. When used alone and wrapped directly on the wood surface of the handle, it can be too thin for effective play. Overgrips are ideal for power-oriented players who require a thicker grip to generate forceful shots.

Towel Grip

Towel grips are typically crafted from cotton, making them excellent at absorbing sweat. These grips are well-suited for power play, as they help maintain a firm hold on the racket handle, even during intense matches. Players who tend to sweat heavily will find towel grips particularly beneficial, as they help prevent slippage and ensure a secure grip.


Selecting the right badminton grip is vital for optimizing your performance on the court, and it largely depends on your style of play.

Power Play

If your game revolves around powerful shots and aggressive attacking, you tend to hold the racket handle tightly to generate maximum force. In such cases, opt for a THICKER grip. The thicker grip provides stability and control, allowing you to harness your strength for strong smashes and hard-hitting shots.

Control Play

For players who prioritize accuracy, finesse, and technique over sheer power, it's crucial not to grip the racket too tightly. Holding it too firmly can result in excessive power, making it challenging to maintain control. If you are a stroke or rally player, go for a THINNER grip. Thinner grips provide better maneuverability, enabling smoother transitions between forehand and backhand grips, ultimately enhancing your control and precision.

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