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Professional Services - Medical Services

Professional Services - Medical Services

Professional Services - Medical Services

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A. Basic First Aid Station
2 x Medical Personnel / Certified First Aider
1 x First Aid Kit

B. Primary Care Field Aid Station
1 x Paramedic Crew
1 x Ambulance Driver
1 x  Ambulance
1 x Ambulance Equipment (Type B)

C. Advance Care Field Aid Station
2 x Paramedic Crew
1 x Ambulance Driver
1 x Ambulance
1 x Ambulance equipment (Type A)


1. Ambulance Stretcher
2. Automated External Defibrillator
3. Cervical Collar – Multiple Size (Adult & Child)
4. Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator
5. Electrical Suction Unit
6. Glucometer
7. First Responder Beg
8. Head Immobilization Device
9. IV Kit
a. Cannula
b. Drip Set
c. Intravenous (IV) Solution
i. Normal Saline 0.9% NaCl
ii. Dextrose Saline
iii. Hartman’s Solution
10. Life Hammer
11. Medical Oxygen Supply
a. D Size Oxygen Cylinder + Pin Type Oxygen Regulator
b. Jumbo D / E Size Oxygen Cylinder + Pin / Screw Type Oxygen Regulator & Humidifier
12. Splint
a. Normal Splint – Arm & Leg
13. Oxygen Mask
a. Non-rebreather Mask
b. Nasal Cannula
c. Simple Face Mask
14. Patient Vital Sign Monitor
15. Scoop Stretcher
16. Portable Ventilator
17. Sphygmomanometer
18. Spinal Board – Long
19. Stethoscope
20. Disposable Glove / 2 Loop Ear Mask
21. Syringe / Infusion Pump
22. Transfer Sheet

a. Stretcher
i. Main Ambulance Stretcher
ii. Foldable Stretcher
b. Medical Rescue Equipment
i. Scoop Stretcher
ii. Immobilization Kit
• Head Immobilizer
• Cervical Collar
• Spinal Board
• Splint – Arm & Leg
c. Patient Monitoring Equipment
i. Vital Sign Monitor
d. Medical O2 supply equipment
i. Onboard Medical Oxygen Supply (Jumbo D size)
ii. Portable Medical Oxygen Supply (D Size)
iii. Oxygen Regulator
iv. Nasal Cannula / Nasal Prong
v. Oxygen Mask
vi. Nonrebreather Oxygen Masks
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